Franklin and Marshall College Toastmasters, Lancaster, PA

Where we are

Our meeting location is Armstrong World Industries headquarters at 2500 Columbia Ave. in Lancaster. Click here for a map to get to Armstrong.

Here is a map of the Armstrong campus. We meet in Building 401 diretly below the yellow highlighted parking lot. Signs will direct you to the right room.

We need 24 HOUR NOTICE if you intend to visit - Email us so that we can get you through security.


What to expect

We love having guests, and we promise we won't pressure you to participate in our meeting any more than you want to.  Sit in and observe as often as you like. Toastmasters meetings are generally divided into three phases: Brief impromptu speeches, prepared speeches, and evaluations. While the meetings are structured, they are also informal and friendly. Our goal is to help each other be better speakers and better listeners.

Our club officers would love to visit with you to answer any questions you might have, and you can be sure that at least one or two of them will introduce themselves.

If you'd like to see what a meeting is like before you attend, Here is an excellent video on Toastmasters meetings.

What if I join?

OK - I joined. Now what?
  • Meet great people.
  • Gain public speaking experience
  • Get feedback for improvement
  • Learn new and valuable skills
  • Receive constructive evaluation to improve presentations
  • Become more comfortable speaking in front of groups
  • Learn to speak more effectively
  • Learn to better prepare for presentations
  • Become a more adept extemporaneous speaker
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Be an officer
  • Learn Leadersip skills

Learn more...

You can find out more about who we are and what we do by visiting us at one of our meetings. We guarantee that you'll feel welcome and, no, there is no pressure for you to say a word!