Franklin and Marshall College Toastmasters, Lancaster, PA

great resources for toastmasters! 

Please note that some documents are pre-rebranding and should not be made available to the general public.

Our Club Specific Forms

Educational Information

Meeting Assignments Duties

Club Officer Duties (PDF)

  • Club Leadership Manual
    This download contains all officer duties,
    DCP information, and much more!
  • New member checklist

  • All Officers should have a copy of this. It assures that new member procedures are ALL followed

Contest Information and Documents

Members planning to run a contest should log in to their TI account and download the latest contest documents there. Tht way you will have the latest documents. Special note should be made of the contest rules which are modified yearly.

NEW: Be sure to download the Judges Certificate of Elligibility and print one copy for each judge.

Administrative and Legal Information (PDF)